A circle sticker featuring a hand painted design that has been reprinted on a vinyl sticker. It features a field with big blue skies behind and two bison walking through the field. It is a mother bison and baby bison. It is a scene from Oklahoma at Tallgrass Prairie Reserve.

Bison Cow and Calf Vinyl Sticker

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Originally an acrylic painting on panel this painting of a mother and baby bison in Tallgrass Prairie Reserve, Oklahoma.

This is a hand painted design from Heirloom Apparel artist and owner, Shelby Jo Campbell.

Inspired by a trip that Shelby took to Tallgrass Prairie Reserve in the Fall of 2018 this sticker features the national mammal of the United States: the Bison. Also referred to as the buffalo. The bison is a symbol of strength and the perfect piece of art to accompany you while hiking or camping or at the gym or office.

Stick it on your cars, computers, helmets, water bottles, and more!

This sticker is:


-Scratch Resistant.